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Good morning fellow owners.

I'm a new owner of an old(ish) i30 1.6 petrol Premium 60 plate. Only 15,000 miles though!

I have inherited the 17" 225/45 wheels and would like to change to 16" Michelin all weather when I next change them as I'm finding the ride bouncy and uncomfortable. Does anyone have any idea if it's possible?


Re: New wheels

Should be. Owners manual will list the approved wheel and tyre sizes. Here suggests a 205/55R16 is compatible, and Michelin Crossclimate+ tyres are available in that size, as are Goodyear Vector 4S Gen2, Kleber Quadraxer and other all season tyres.

http://www.wheelfitment.eu/car/Hyundai/ … 2012).html

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Re: New wheels

Thanks for that. I didn't mention the present tyres also seem very noisy and potholes are the enemy too! Unfortunately (?) there is still too much tread left to justify an immediate change. Probably another year although they're the originals, but I will change.


Re: New wheels

Keep swapping the wheels around and monitor tyre wear as well so that all four are equally worn, otherwise you will have 2 good ones and two low ones - which means that you'd have to buy 2 more 17's....

Once they are all down to 3mm swap them. Don't know where you would get some 16's from - but I think i20 ones will fit (you need to check that don't take my word for it) or some aftermarket ones. But it's only worth doing if the aspect ratio rises significantly. I would suggest that if you are trying to get a smoother ride you may need to drop to 15's to make a significant difference.

Have you tried running with the tyres dropped by 1 or 2 psi?

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