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My Hyundai is the first car I have had with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

I was a bit sceptical as my daughter has TPMS on her Renault Clio and it is always indicating low pressure even when the tyres seem fine.

Anyway after recently buying my 1 year old Hyundai I decided i would rotate the tyres. I took it to a local Tyre Dealer which I use and they kindly did this free of charge.

Now up to now the tyres have been perfectly ok with regards to tyre pressure. However shortly  after leaving the Tyre Dealer one of the front tyres was indicating low pressure. Soon after that one of the rears was doing the same.

I have checked all the tyres. All are fine. But the TPMS is still illuminated.

All the garage did was swap the wheels around. There was no removal of tyres from the rims, no new valves etc.

A quick flick through the manual wasnt helpful. Is there no manual reset of the system I can do or will I have to go to the nearest Hyundai dealer? Any advice appreciated.

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Have you checked that all the pressures [front and back ] are set to what they should be.. hmm on my ix20 the pressure is 32 all around maybe yours are not and front and rears are different and if thats the case you may have put a rear one on the front with a lower pressure than stipulated in the handbook..


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Cheers Phil.

Yes mine should be 32 all round as well like yours (mine is a i30) so they are what they should be.

I know the pressures are fine so assume it is something to do with the sensors not picking them up. Just frustrating if this is going to happen every time you touch the tyres in any way.


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How have you checked them..recently my wifes swift has TPMS problems..was pumping them up with a tyre pump that was reading 7psi light and didnt realise it was..bought a new digital pump and the problems stopped..the other pump is analogue and not that old but was way out..  sad


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When you say the TPMS light is it the letters TPMS or is it a tyre lit up on the dash?


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I have checked the pressures and they are all 32. It is definately not due to any under inflation. Has to do with the sensors.

The TPMS light (the horseshoe shape orange light on the display panel) lights up -stays illuminated not flashing  and also the illustration of the car showing the 4 tyre icons flashes.

Now just a little twist. The first tyre that showed a problem was the front offside. Then a little later the rear nearside started flashing as well (hence 2 tyres simultaneously).

Now after driving about a bit (I read something online that if you drive about for 20 minutes it can solve it-----it didnt sad   ) the rear nearside went off.......only for the rear offside to start showing!!!!!!! I still have 2 tyres showing the problem.

I can see TPMS being a real pain in the ****


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My i40 did this after a tyre change.
Turned out the pressure gauge at the garage wasn't reading correctly.
Try putting in 34 psi and see if they go out. This solved my problem.
It doesn't take much of a change to upset them.


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I have double checked the pressures and they are ok.But i will try pumping a little extra air to see of that solves it fingers crossed or it looks like I will be making a 60 mile round trip to my nearest Hyundai Dealer.

If this happens ever time you take a wheel off............. sad


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Some are position sensitive, please see this video.

This is possibly why you are having trouble...


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Could be. Thanks for posting the link.

Hyundai have told me though that they are not position sensitive and just need a 30 minute drive for them to 'settle down'.And failing that put a little extra air in the tyre.

I have driven over 200 miles on them and finally the tpms light for the rear went off by itself the other day. Went to another garage and put the affected front tyres up by 2psi  and that has now gone out at last.

Having spoken to other people who have TPMS on their cars many have similar stories whatever make of vehicle. Seems TPMS systems can be very sensitive to any change.


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Dont know what to say mate, a few days ago i put 35 in all four and it seems harsh now, may drop it to 32 as i domt want wear on drop links and ball joints etc... just go stock, i think and hooe for the best eh..


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I have 34 psi all round now. I shall see what the ride is. I dont think one or two psi will have any significant impact on wear.

Hopefully now the sensors are 'set' so to speak letting the tyres back to 32 should not affect the TPMS. I thought it only kicked in if there was 'significant' under inflation (and now of course if you change a wheel or tyre it seems). By that I would imagine at least 15%.


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My i30 Drivers Manual says 32psi for size of tyres I have, 195/65 R 15, but the label on the drivers door pillar states 36psi.  Have made several enquiries to the dealership / Hyundai and on this forum and it would appear 36psi is the correct pressure to run the tyres on.  Hence why the TPMS light could be on as if your pressures are only set to 32psi, this is almost 10% below what the tyres should be running on and why the TPMS light is lit.  Note all pressures are set with the tyre cold ie. car not run for at least 3 hours prior to checking.  Whilst there’s no need to, I check mine regularly on a weekly basis, first thing in the morning. For my sins, I’m an ‘Old school’ aircraft technician and checking the basics are habits of a lifetime I can’t break out of.  Not a bad thing though as it only takes a couple of minutes and as the tyres are the only thing in contact with the ground, need to be ‘up to speed’ for safety.  I see good MPG as a bonus. Safety more important for handling / breaking distance etc.

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