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I have a weird fault on my car. Its a 2010 I30 and a couple of weeks ago it wouldn't recognise either key fob. Got an auto electrician out and they though I had had a spike and damaged the BCM. Waited a week to arrange recovery (waiting for payday!), though i would try the car as a punt and it worked again. The car worked fine for another couple of weeks, but in the last couple of days the 'key not detected' light has reappeared.

This time thought, the car still starts and runs fine and the light seems to be more of a residual light. To make matters more confusing, it goes off when I turn the A/C on.

Any ideas what could be causing this?



Re: Key Not Detected Light

Does it happen when parked in a particular location as thinking there may be some sort of interference?

I'm no expert, so please correct me if I'm wrong


Re: Key Not Detected Light

The initial fault happened in the same place I have parked the car for the best part of 3 years prior! Now the light comes on when driving so don't think this would be caused by interference.


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I have had issues when turning the car off and going to lock it after a journey with my new i30 as well.

Even with the keys in the drinks holder by the gearstick, the keyfob light will come on, which means when I get out and close the door a high pitched beeb emits from the car.

the only way to stop it and be able to lock the car is to get back into it, turn the ignition on and off and get out again, ensuring the key bof is held up to the steering wheel so it detects it.

It doesn't happen all the time, but just randomly and is not specific to a location.