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Hello All.

I've just purchased a new i20 3 door which came with a smart phone docking station.

The dock only came with micro usb and iPhone connectors.  Does anyone know where i can get a USB C connector from?  I cant find one on Hyundai's parts website.

Many thanks



Re: USB C - Smart Phone Docking Station

Try Amazon  -- if to want it from Hyundai it will be far more expensive
Regards   -- pestiwesties


Re: USB C - Smart Phone Docking Station

I just got this car and have sent an email to Hyundai UK and to MOBIS (who i think make the part). I am yet to receive a reply, but i will post it here if/when i do.

For now, i've just simply removed the USB connection and stuck my phone in the holder, using bluetooth as the connection for audio. Should i need to plus it in, i'll just have to take it out the holder, and put it behind the gear stick for now.


Re: USB C - Smart Phone Docking Station

I keep asking Hyundai UK for updates on this and this week they finally emailed me saying the connection is due to be "released shortly" and I should contact my local dealership for part price and ordering. Sadly I can't get through to them today (HE is not available!!) and even Hyundai's Twitter ppl can't get a reply from my dealership.
At least the overall news is hopeful.