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Hi All,

Hyundai advertise various benefits to insuring directly with them. In particular the use of genuine Hyundai parts and repairs being done at  approved repairers by Hyundai Trained Technicians

I got an online quote to insure my shiny new i10 and along with the price they send a pdf of the policy document (ABC insurance) which not only does not make any mention of the 'special' Hyundai features but it explicitly says..

'We may use parts or accessories which are not made or supplied by your car’s manufacturer but are of similar type and quality to the parts and accessories we are replacing. '

Wondering if I am missing something or if a different document will be sent if I actually purchase the product.

Any Thoughts ?


Re: Hyundai's own insurance

Sounds like Hyundai have boshed this insurance off to a `Broker type` operation for which they no doubt collect a handsome fee for every policy steered that way. Personally I`d stick to a tried and tested company and in the event of a claim insist that the vehicle is repaired by an `Approved` Hyundai repairer which preserves the body work warranty...but at much cheaper cost.


Re: Hyundai's own insurance

If you have a new Hyundai you will have Hyundai Assist which is their claims management company they deal with all your breakdowns and after car following an accident, you will have a booklet in your hand book all about it.

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